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Xaflad qalin jabin ah oo ay si wada jir ah u soo agaasimeen shirkada isgaarsiinta Telcom Somalia iyo machadka SIMAD ayaa maanta ka dhacday magaalada Muqdisho: 26/03/2009 ..... Read More
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a technology used for providing mobile/wireless access to the Internet.Telcom Somalia is the only operator implemented GPRS service in Somalia and is committed to bringing new and reliable communication services. .....Read More
Telcom is the largest and the leading telecommunications network operator in Somalia. Telcom is the first major privately owned company providing telecommunications in Somalia territory. Telcom principal activities include local, long distance, national and international telecommunication, mobile communications, and a wide range of data services including broadband access. .... Read More
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